All lyrics written by Justin Adler ®2004-20015

"We’re all just humans here, here a while then disappear.”  - Welcome to the Club

It’s who we were In 1984
  - Talking about the end of time In 1999 -  It’s love and hate from 1978  -It’s what will be in 2023…  - In the Lives

"...keep yourself out of your own good luck, you try to win a dime for a buck"  - Side Stepper

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"It's the year of the dragon, gonna run out and get it all done. Hope the love you give, multiplies, living in the end of times." - End of Times / Year of the Dragon

"You have a good record
Your memory will play the record back
When it does, train your ears to hear the soft and harmonious passages (because there are so many)


Day By Day
You are recording still
During all your many tomorrows                                                                                                                
 The record you make today                                                                                                                       Will be playing itself back"  - What Once Was

"Silence, force field, cannot get through the wall.  Take out, destory, your only as good as when your gone." - What a Shame

"That was the time, in which you lived, fast-forward, rewind, adult to a kid…" - Adult to a Kid

"Were all alive
This much I know
It’s time you got
And time you don’t
It’s how to live among the human race, 
It’s where you are now, in the right place"

 - Sunbeams of the Rainbow

"Everything is changing, your plans are re-arranging, life is evolving, it was a fairy tale.     Jack N Jill are dying, we all stopped trying, couldn't ever get there, the way up the hill." 

- Up the Hill

"It's in your mind control, your lucidity, your conscious state baby, your philosophy." 

- Fantasy Baby

"We play, we grow, we bear our own souls…you will see all the wonders of the world.      Happy life, happy wife, happy boy and girl." - Life to Hold